About the Best OCR Gear Support Team...


The Best OCR Gear site is dedicated to all things Obstacle Course Racing (aka “OCR”). Whether you’re training for your first race, an OCR veteran, or signed up to tackle the hardest race of your life, our mission is to help you RACE LIKE A PRO.™

We provide you with the tips, tricks, and absolute best gear to help you overcome any obstacle and finish strong. As my dad once said, if you want to be successful at anything you have to have the right tools and right techniques. We’ll help you get up to speed quickly with all the right tools by offering you quick and easy access to the best, hand-selected, mud-tested gear you can find on the web. Then, we’ll up your game by providing Pro Tips to nail the right techniques to conquer even the hardest obstacles. You get the advantage of our personal experience, our on-the-course knowledge, our learnings and our insights from hundreds of hours of training. In other words, it’s our pain for your gain boys and girls!


Your Best OCR Gear Support Team is made up of a hodge podge group of folks that love Obstacle Course Racing. We got the elite class racers, we got your well aged veteran, we got your stay-at-home mom rockstars, your working executive weekend warrior, and your new school young bucks. We got your mustard eating, weight vest wearing hardcore players and your I’m going to figure out a better way to outsmart others, wise guys. This diverse team brings you value by providing a breadth of knowledge and an unique perspective, from the pro athletes to the insiders, that you can only find on BestOCRGear.com. Welcome to the Family.

Your future is bright with a chance of barbwire, muddy peaks, and a whole can of awesome-sauce.

We hope you enjoy the site.


Founder of the Best OCR Gear